BARBARA GISEL launched BGD in 1975 and has built a world-renowned reputation, with a diverse residential and commercial clientele throughout the United States, Europe and South America.

Barbara Gisel

It is our philosophy that design which combines a refined quality in aesthetics, wellness, workmanship, and materials provides the client with value that is sustainable.

Breakfast room by Barbara Gisel Design with a customized Emma Chandelier. Photo by Gridley and Graves Photography.

Interior by Barbara Gisel Design with a customized Eden Chandelier

What is a common mistake that you find in interiors?
I often see windows that are not flanked by walls and therefore no place to stack curtains!

Describe a memorable design challenge…
Fitting all of a client’s desired functions in small spaces! It is always a fun challenge to see how efficient we can be with the spaces we are given.

Describe a favorite piece in your personal home…
I adore my Venetian carved table and mirror of carnival characters. Every time I travel, I try to bring something unique back to my home.

What informs your aesthetic direction?
Client personality and our program determine the aesthetic direction that we take for each client. The “program” is a Barbara Gisel Design specific questionnaire that we send our clients when we begin working with them. It helps them give us an idea of who they are and their specific preferences. It is very personalized. We find it important to incorporate the requests of our clients without sacrificing style and taste.

What are three things you can’t live without besides family, faith and friends?
My dogs, exercise and a family home in Canada.

Why do you choose Ironware for your projects?
Perfect lasting style, high quality and good finishes.

What is one piece of advice you have for an interior designer just starting their career?
Be patient! It takes a long time to have the confidence and the experience to have answers to design problems.

Why is interior design important?
Interior design is important because it is your environment. It is where you live. It influences your mental state and your physical comfort.

What is most exciting to you in your career at this moment?
I have been a designer for 44 years. I feel that I have the experience I need to work with any client on any project. I also enjoy training those just starting out in the industry. We all learn something every day. You never know it all!

A few BGD projects:

Maryika Pendant and a pair of Karel Lamps are shown here, Cru Uncorked, Moreland Hills

Viale, Las Vegas

Research and development center