Our Story

In the fall of 2021, Ironware embarked on a new and unexpected adventure. Due to the challenges of transatlantic shipping during the pandemic, our French blacksmithing partners since 1988, decided to focus on  architectural work for French historic monuments.  I am grateful for the unique education and experiences that our long relationship has provided me and the Ironware team and wish them well in their honorable work.

Although Ironware’s collection today is based on my design work, it was hard to imagine that we could source our products anywhere other than France. However, we decided to explore the world of hand-forged iron in the United States. We were fortunate to receive the assistance of many blacksmithing organizations in our search, and we have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm that we have encountered. This exploration has launched the unexpected thrill of meeting skilled artistic blacksmiths across the US.

Today, two years into this adventure, our pieces are forged by four amazingly talented and passionate smiths and their studios. Our lead times continue to drop, and the beauty and quality of the work persists. I am incredibly proud of this work and look forward to a long evolution of creativity sparked by these young makers.

— Founder and designer, Karin Eaton