Design professionals may register here for access to trade pricing or place an order through one of our representative trade showrooms.

Not a design professional? You may order through your interior designer or architect, or if you are not working with one, please call us at 615-726-2500. You may also find other locations or designer on call service. A designer on call service will simply connect you to a local designer who can place your order and assist you with any design or technical questions.

Custom work is our specialty. View our custom gallery and information here. Submit a custom request directly to your showroom or to us here.

Our blacksmiths are capable of producing one of a kind pieces based on clients’ sketches We can customize an existing Ironware design, or create your vision! Quotes will be returned in approximately 5 business days.

Visit our Quick Ship pages for items available in 2-6 Weeks and items available in 8-10 Weeks. All other orders including custom orders require a lead time of 20-28 weeks.



What is the lead time?
We have in stock items available in 2-6 Weeks with your selected finish and made to order items available in 8-10 Weeks with your selected finish. All other items are 20 to 28 weeks, including custom work. Lead time begins with receipt of your order, 50% deposit, and all pertinent information. Lead time ends with delivery to the address specified by you.

Where are your products made?
Our products are hand forged by artist blacksmiths in the States and then hand finished in Nashville, TN. In Nashville we do the electrification, finishes, and details such as panels and upholstery.

How are items shipped?
When size permits items are shipped via UPS.  Larger shipments go via an LTL carrier of Ironware’s choice—Estes Express.  We can also offer white glove delivery through EFW, which is a division of Estes Express. Our carriers offer Ironware a discount which we pass on to our clients. When requesting a freight quote please advise if the location is a business or a residence, if a loading dock is available, if it is a construction site, if an appointment is required, and any other information that you feel may be pertinent.

How do I care for my Ironware piece?
To remove dust, a gentle wiping with a dry or slightly damp soft cloth will do the trick. To bring up the luster on painted finishes, a light buffing with a paste wax is recommended. Metal leaf is so thin that you can easily damage it, so take extreme care when cleaning furniture with any of the leafed finishes. Chemical cleaners are not suggested except on glass. If cleaning glass please spray the towel then wipe the glass clean.

Custom and Design

Do you do custom work?
Yes! Custom work is our specialty. View our custom work portfolio and additional information here. We can customize an existing Ironware design or create your vision!

How far above my table should my chandelier hang?
This is a design question, not a product related question, but the industry standard advises that 36″ between your table and the bottom of your light fixtures works for most.

Where do I ship my fabric for pieces to be upholstered?
Ship your fabric to our home office and be sure to label it with your order number, the showroom that you placed your order with, etc. Ironware International, Inc. 2421 Cruzen St. Nashville, TN 37211

Can I add drapery rings to my Ironware bed?
Concerning drapery rings, the canopies on a twin, full, and queen do not dismantle. King canopies dismantle only on the sides, not above the head and foot of the bed. Custom drapery rings may be ordered and will be permanently attached to the bed. You may also order a custom canopy that further breaks down.


Are your lighting products UL Approved?
Yes, all lighting is UL approved.

How do I install my chandelier or sconce?
A licensed electrician should be used to install all Ironware lighting products. The process is simple and basic which will be understood by any licensed electrician. For details on any piece refer to the mounting or back plate information under that item’s specifications.

What do I do if I need extra chain?
Extra standard chain may be ordered and cut to your specific need. It is recommended that extra chain is considered at the time the order is placed. If extra chain is needed after delivery of your chandelier then it’s usually best to order the total needed as splicing with existing chain is not recommended. Some pieces take a different kind of chain, a rod, or has options for increasing the overall drop. Refer to the mounting information under the specific item’s specifications for more details.

What is the latest bulb legislation?
The new legislation excludes incandescent candelabra bulbs, which is a primary consumer choice for decorative lighting. You will be able to find bulbs for your Ironware lighting easily at your local stores. LED bulbs are a popular choice today and may be used in any candelabra or edison (medium) base socket.  Many of our designs allow or incorporate the use of cylinders or panels which disguise and change the light if a CFL bulb is preferred.

Outdoor Use

Can I use my chandelier or sconce in an exposed outdoor installation?
Ironware lighting may be used in a covered location, but you will have to determine if your location is appropriate. If your designer, builder, architect, etc. advises that the location requires Wet UL approval then it would not be appropriate. All electrical pieces specified for covered outdoor use will be labeled for Damp UL approval. Damp means that condensation is acceptable, but water cannot pool in the electrical sockets.  If the piece will be exposed to rain, snow, salt air or water, etc. and possibly high winds then we do not recommend covered outdoor use.  Please discuss with your sales representative and then specify the intended use on your order.  Ironware recommends stainless steel production for pieces to be used in damp locations and you must request a quote. Any of our finishes can then be applied, but depending on the exposure of the fixture the finish may require maintenance over time.

Can I use my furniture piece in an outdoor installation?
Yes. Please request a quote in stainless steel production and specify that the piece is to be used outdoors.  Any of our finishes can then be applied, but depending on the exposure of the fixture the finish may require maintenance over time. Also of note is that while most all non-electrical pieces can be used outside with stainless steel production, not all were designed for outdoor use.  This means that water could pool onto table tops, chair/stool seats, fire tool stands, etc.  Please consider your maintenance preferences when considering outdoor use.

Something isn’t Quite Perfect

Do you have a warranty?
We stand behind our products and want our clients to be completely satisfied. We consider each request case by case to find the best solution. Ironware cannot be responsible for problems related to site (construction, weather, etc.), improper installation, unauthorized repairs or modifications, and normal wear and tear.

What do I do if my piece arrives damaged?
Do not move your package(s) from the original delivery location and call right away. 615-726-2500 UPS and LTL carriers limit us to 5 calendar days to file a claim. Each package is delivered with a large neon sticker on the exterior with simple instructions regarding loss or damage.

Can I return or exchange my piece?
Custom pieces cannot be returned. Standard items are considered on a case by case basis and may require a re-stocking fee. While we can’t imagine wanting to return an Ironware piece we do understand that circumstances do happen and we try our best to accommodate our clients.

Don’t Even Think About It

Are the Ironware designs copyright protected?
Each piece is internationally copyrighted with the United States Library of Congress. Should any party copy, reproduce or infringe upon the design integrity of an Ironware International,Inc. piece without written permission, Ironware International, Inc. will defend all copyrights and trademarks to the fullest extent of the law. All items customized for clients by our design team become the property of Ironware International Inc. and are protected by the same copyright laws as all our proprietary work.